3D Target Repair Foam

3D Archery​

Target Repair Kits​

Are your 3D targets getting to the point of replacing? Do not throw them out!
Not only repair your targets, upgrade them using the highest quality target material on the market.

Upgrade your targets

Outlast OEM by 2x

Save money by repairing and replacing targets less often using the toughest foam.

Easy arrow pull

Nothing is more frustrating than a stuck arrow. Pull arrows with ease from now on.

Self Healing

Extremely self healing, you won’t be able to see a hole after you pull the arrow.

Easy Mix

Don't be afraid to DIY repair your targets. Our foam sets up quickly and is easy to trim.

Reasons I Brought 3DTRF to Market:

  • An individual or club can repair a vital for approximately 25% of the target’s replacement cost and our foam material will outlast OEM by 2x.
  • 3DTRF was designed and engineered for target repair specifically.
  • 3DTRF is extremely self healing and you won’t be able to see a hole after you pull the arrow. 
  • Arrows pull as easy as out of a nice new Rinehart target!
  • My system for mixing is much easier and faster than others. Our foam material sets up quickly and is easy to trim and shape.
  • Detailed instructions and support – if you have any questions at all we are only a phone call away.
  • Note to Customers: NEVER throw anything (targets) away! Even if they are in four pieces, any 3D target can be repaired, however, some may take more material than others. I have repaired thousands of 3D targets and have never come across one that I could not bring back into a good looking reusable target.
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