3D Target
Repair Foam
Your source for archery target repair.

Welcome to 3DTRF, the highest quality target repair material on the market. If you or your club have old, shot up, or dry rot targets in need of replacement you have come to the right place. Learn how 3DTRF can help save you time and money by repairing and upgrading your targets.

Highest Quality

Our Own Formula: engineered and developed specifically for arrow penetration.

Self Healing: holes self-close after arrow pull extending life of 3DTRF by up to 2 times that of original target material.

Easy Arrow Pull: remove arrows without the strain.

Lasting Value

Save Money: Rarely do entire targets need replacing. Repair the vital for approximately 25% the cost of replacement target.

Save Time: designed to withstand more arrows over longer periods of time means less time repairing, more time shooting.

Less Waste: no more throwing away targets that are too shot up, have succumb to dry-rot, or even shot in half- keep them going for years to come.

past repairs

Take a look at some targets that have been repaired using 3DTRF.

3D Target Repair Foam

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