About Us

3D Target Repair Foam was founded by Paul Hunt, a devout archery hunter and 3D shoot competitor using both compound and traditional long bows.

“I have always had a few 3D targets of my own and hated the fact that I had to spend so much money replacing vitals and entire targets. I thought there must be a process and product to repair my targets instead of replacing them. Over the years I tried many types of foam material to achieve a high quality repair. I found some that worked, but were cumbersome to use and did not produce high quality results. The demand I experienced led me to spend quite some time and money working with a chemist and chemical company to develop an extremely high quality, easy to use foam material which produces the absolute best results time after time and is suitable for field points and broad heads.”

From there 3D Target Repair Foam was born and after years of improvement today you will find an extremely self healing, easy to use, higher quality foam material than OEM that produces consistent results at a fraction of the replacement cost.