“3DTRF is amazing. The targets look great and best of all they last forever. I have shot McKenzie and Reinhart’s and now shooting this new stuff. I can tell you McKenzie and Rinehart can’t even hold a candle to it. Great work Paul, thanks for making my targets last twice as long now.”
- T.J. Hofhines (Owner-Dead On Archery, Meridian Idaho)

“Durability is Outstanding”
- Josh Jones (Owner, Spokane Valley Archery)

“This process is FAR less expensive in its application, capabilities and probable life than any other material available.”
- Mike Garrett (Tournament Chairman, Cedar River Bowman)

“Sandpoint Archers had several targets repaired in the middle of summer 2010. We were impressed with the product as well as the rework of the paint for our targets. At that point we had 27 more targets repaired for the cost of about 4 new targets and I feel that the material holds up better than the original. We will most likely continue to have our targets repaired rather than buy new. Good stuff.”
- Dave Bangle (Sandpoint Archers)

“I’m looking forward to trying out your product. Also, wanted to compliment you on your website…I’ve worn out a McKenzie Wild Boar and was ready to dump $165 on a new mid-section when I wised up and googled “repair kits”. Fortunately, I found your website after having visited a half-dozen others.”

“Upon removal, each arrow hole closed (sealed) up immediately. Very pleased, nice product!”
- Barry, Nevada (shoots a 27 Extreme at 70#, 416 grain arrows = 286 fps)

“Just wanted to say thank you for your time and advice. My son has repaired several targets thus far with your product with outstanding results. I think the recommended power mixing results in a more consistent foam with uniform density and reduced voids. We will be utilizing your product exclusively from this point forward. We can now move forward with securing repair work confident that we offer a superior product.”
- Paul Ingram

“We had a standing bear that was all ripped up and I had to do a lot of work on it. The people at our club couldn’t believe how great it looks!”
- Jim Arner