3D Target Repair Foam

Individual Kit

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Save money by not only repair your targets but upgrading them:

  • Outlast OEM by 2x
  • Self Healing
  • Easy arrow pull
  • Includes mixing tool

Our Individual Kit is a single use, premeasured option that is enough material to repair a medium to large deer shot out on both sides. When combined achieve 1 gallon of finished foam. Each kit comes with a mixing tool for use with a high speed electric drill as well as detailed instructions on how to repair a target from start to finish.

Tools for Target Repair (Required)

• Serrated Knife - for removing old material and trimming new foam.

• 6 Mil Plastic Sheeting - for creating forms around target and scoring ring template.

• Staple Gun - for attaching forms to target.

• High Speed Drill - for paint mixer attachment and Scotch-Brite Pad (see below)

• Paint Mixer for Drill (included) - for mixing parts A+B.

• Gram Scale (Case Kit only) - for measuring A+B ratio.

• Mixing Container - for mixing in and pouring parts A+B.

• Safety Glasses / Disposable Gloves

      Recommended Tools (Optional)

      • Reciprocating Saw - for easy foam trimming and removal.

      • Rotary Tool (Dremel) - to recreate scoring rings.

      • 3M Scotch-Brite Pad - used with drill for easy shaping of target after repair (or use an orbital sander with very low grit paper)

      • Moisture Meter - to make sure targets are dry.

      • Needle Nose Pliers - for pulling staples.

      • Cardboard & Duct Tape - to back plastic (only for very large pours).

      • Paint Stir Sticks - helps scrape foam from mixing container into target.

          What tools do I need to have for repairs?

          A serrated knife, plastic sheeting, staple gun, drill, mixing container and a gram scale if using Case Kit. CLICK HERE for a detailed list and other recommended tools.

          How many targets can a Case Kit repair?

          This all depends on the size of repair. You can expect to get at the minimum 5 medium/large deer vitals repaired on both sides. If smaller targets or one side repairs (not shot all the way through) you could see 7 to 10+ targets repaired.

          Why use 3DTRF?


          - Proprietary Formula: Engineered specifically for arrow penetration.

          - Self Healing: Holes close after pull extending life of 3DTRF by up to 2 times that of original target material.

          - Easy Arrow Pull: Remove arrows without the strain.


          - Save Money: Rarely do entire targets need replacing. Repair the vital for approximately 25% the cost of replacement target.

          - Save Time: Designed to withstand more arrows over longer periods of time means less repairs, less replacements, and less waste.

          Save time and money
          Tips & Tricks

          Learn time saving tips and find our pour size guide here.

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