3D Target Repair Instructions (Overview)

Find Detailed Repair Instructions Here

CHEMICAL: Always store and use foam chemical material at room temperature. Material works best when mixed and used at 70 plus degrees Fahrenheit.

TARGETS: Temperature + Moisture (excess humidity). Targets must be dry and at room temperature.

SAFETY: Keep out of reach of children. DO NOT eat, drink, or feed to anything! Use latex gloves, safety glasses and use only in well ventilated area. When burning in scoring rings, do so outside. Use a box fan to move fresh air across work surface.

CLEAN UP: After foam is cured, you can scrape up or peel spills off many surfaces (i.e. floor, tile, etc.). Acetone works well to remove from mixing device and or bench tops.

FOAM: The warmer the ambient temperature is, foam material, target, air temperature, etc., the higher the yield will be from the foam material.

RANGE PRECAUTIONS: Never shoot any 3D target repaired or new target with low poundage child bows, blunts, or any point not designed to penetrate the foam! Arrows will ricochet back towards the shooter and could cause SEVERE injury!

Step 1: (Optional) Make scoring ring template if desired, using plastic sheeting.

Step 2: Remove shot out material from target.

Step 3: Apply forms using plastic sheet and staple gun.

Step 4: Mix 3D TRF components A & B in mixing container using your FREE mixing tool and a high speed electric drill (place mixer in acetone afterwards for reuse).

Step 5: Pour mixed foam material into target form. Allow to expand and set overnight.

Step 6: Remove the forms and staples, shape, replace scoring rings, paint and START SHOOTING!

*NOTE: For more detailed 3D target repair instructions, tips, tricks and hints, click on Tip’s, Trick’s & Hint’s or Detailed 3D Target Repair Instructions.

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