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Automatic 3D Archery Target Pop-Up System

Our automatic pop-up system has 7 targets, is air powered, and is an electronically controlled system with a *30 day money back guarantee!

This archery target pop-up system is powerful and less expensive than other systems available. It is more than fun to shoot, is great as a novelty at archery shoots, on itself for money shoots, or just a 3D pop up archery shoot!

Also, it’s a good tool for an archery shop that has room on their range and would like to increase league turn out and customer traffic.

90% of this system is all new components and construction including PLC with new program in computer, all other electrical components, guards on platforms, air cylinders, selinoid valves, air hose, electric cords, plugs and leads.

System Inventory for this Archery Pop-Up System

(What you get for your money)

1. 7 target platforms with metal guards.

Platforms or target stands measure 38 1/2″W x 37″D. Metal guards are 11″H (2 with air cylinder at side and 5 with air cylinder in center). Mounting stakes on target platforms are adjustable from side to side individually so you can mount any target that will fit the platform. Also, stakes are provided to help secure platforms to the ground, however, I have not found this to be necessary. If you choose to use a target as large as a McKenzie Mountain Goat, it most likely will be necessary to stake down the frame or counter weight the frame.


2. 7 lengths of electric cord.

2 – 20 yards, 1 – 23 yards, 2 – 34 yards, 1 – 48 yards, 1 – 60 yards.

3. Control box with new PLC and program with bianary switches.

There are individually fused relays for each platform, replaceable, with extra fuses and all cords have twist lock plugs. The PLC also comes with Operating Instructions as well as a copy of the software program on CD.

Control Box w/ PLC

Control Box w/ PLC

4. 1 – 120 volt air compressor and additional bladder tank (included, but not necessary).

Air hose is approximately 400+ feet of 3/8″ feeder line and many extra quick couplers (push lock type), straight and tees to hook up your system in any arrangement. It also comes with an in-line dryer, an in-line oiler, and 1 quart of oil.

Air Compressor

Bladder Tank

5. Extra Spare Parts

You will also receive an extra air cylinder and electric/solenoid valve.

Modes of Operation

Start – Initiates auto mode one and auto mode two. Lights when pressed, goes out when cycle is complete.

Rounds – Selects the desired mode of operation. Round 1 is auto mode one where targets appear at random and stay up for the selected dwell time. Interval between targets is determined by toggle switches 1, 2, and 4 – more description below. Round 2 is auto mode two where targets appear at random, but dwell times are also random – meaning that they could be 5, 8, 11, or 15 seconds. Round 3 is manual one – targets are selected by using single or multiple toggle switches. Targets stay up as long as the switch(s) is/are “on”. Round 4 is manual mode two where target selection is as in round 3, but targets automatically fall after the selected dwell time has elapsed.

Novice, Expert, and Pro – Selects the desired target up time or dwell. Novice has two dwell times – position 1 is 15 seconds, position 2 is 11 seconds. Expert is 8 seconds. Pro is 5 seconds. Applies in auto one and manual two.

Switches 1, 2, and 4 – In auto one or two modes, selects the interval between targets – all off causes one target to raise when the previous target falls. Otherwise, turning on the switches either singly or in combination causes the interval delay in seconds to be the sum of the switches that are on. In manual one or two modes the switches select the target that corresponds to the sum of the switches that are on. Before turning the Round select switch to round 3 or 4, be sure that the toggle switches are in the off position or else targets can raise unexpectedly as soon as the round switch is turned to one of the manual positions.

Different modes of operating include the following:

Round 1 – Pressing the start button initiates the targets to cycle through randomly, with the dwell (up time) determined by the setting of the dwell switch.

Round 2 – Pressing the start button initiates the targets to cycle through randomly, with a random dwell time.

Round 3 – Manual mode one where targets are selected by using single or multiple toggle switches. Examples – if you turn on switch 1, target one raises; switch 2 causes target two to raise; switches 1 and 4 cause target 5 to raise. Targets stay up as long as the switch(es) are on.

Round 4 – Manual mode two where target selection is as in round 3, but targets automatically fall after the selected dwell time has elapsed.

Set Up & Use Instructions

  1. Place target platforms as desired so long as cables will reach from controller.
  2. Adjust stakes on platform to fit your target.
  3. Run air hose to platforms from compressor. (e.g. Air compressor to bladder tank to dryer filter and oiler combo to first target. Use compression tee to second target and so on, Last target use straight coupling to connect)
  4. Plug in air compressor and turn on. Check for air leaks then when system is fully charged (compressor shuts off), power up computer and push the green start button to test operation. It will illuminate when activated.
  5. Oil all bearings on axles once per day of use.
  6. When you dis-assemble, cover air cylinder inlet with masking tape to prevent contamination from debris.

We are more than confident that you will like this pop-up 3D target system. It is a quality system, with a no hassle return policy.

Again, for more detailed information or questions, please email or call Paul at 602-999-1484. Thank you!

*30 Day Money Back Guarantee Policy:

We will gladly refund the purchase price if you and/or your outfit are not completely satisfied. If you are not satisfied and want to return the product for refund you must do so within 30 days of purchase. Example: If your purchase date was August 1st, then we must have it in our possession by August 31st. You will be responsible for the return shipping. You will be charged a flat $200.00 re-stocking fee (we must re-assemble and test all components upon receipt). If no damage is found you will be refunded 100% of the purchase price. If any damage other than the metal guards is found, you will be charged for the repair or replacement of the component(s).

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