About Us

My name is Paul Hunt, Owner of 3DTargetRepairFoam.com. I love archery hunting and 3D target shoots and have been shooting 3D tournaments for 15 years.

I have always had a few 3D targets on our personal 3D course and thought there must be a process and product to repair my targets instead of replacing them.

I have been trying to find a foam material suitable for a 3D target repair kit or 3D target patch kit. For years I tried what products were available, but no repair kits or patch kits performed the way I thought they should, not to mention, the price of them.

That was when I decided to develop my own 3D target repair kit or patch kit. After spending a lot of time working on this recipe I found that it is very self healing, easy to use, and produces very consistent results at a fraction of the cost (compared to target replacement), while being a much higher quality foam material than OEM. I have had many customers tell me our 3D target repair kit, is an excellent 3D Foam Repair kit and a high value product.

I provide, with your purchase of any 3D Target Repair Kit, a mixing tool and all instructions necessary to effect a high quality repair. This foam material will outlast OEM (some report up to 2+ times).

We also put on target repair workshops at our facility located just outside of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho when requested. We have found that this is just another way to aid our customers in getting started using our 3D Target Repair Kits in a very controlled environment. This has been a great tool for many clubs and ranges. Personnel typically are here from 2-4 days and are able to repair several targets in a very hands-on environment so that when they return they can go right to work saving their organization quite a bit of money compaired to replacement.

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